Join me and get exclusive access to my personal at home workout sessions, healthy recipes and an extra weekly challenge to improve your fitness, health and overall well-being each week as you progress at home.

DanielPT’s HomeGym is not the average fitness plan. Follow effective, transformative strength workout videos that are full length follow along workouts motivating you throughout your workouts. With less than $1 a day, working out with me becomes more affordable than your daily coffee.

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Most common questions answered

  • 3 new workout videos each week that are put together in a weekly training plan. The workouts vary between strength and HIIT workouts and are typically up to 30-60 min long. I am mixing it up every week to keep it interesting and fun. So each week new workout videos! It’s not a PDF plan to follow but a continuous video training plan that gets updated every week.
  • 3 recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snack options) – those serve as meal inspirations to help you making healthy choices to fuel you for your training.
  • 1 Weekly Challenge – this is an additional workout where we will vary the workout style. Some weeks we focus on speed, others on repetitions, sometimes it’s you vs. the time – it varies every week.
  • Access the workout and recipe library – which means access to all the workouts that have been uploaded since I started with the HomeGym (50+ workouts) as well as access to all the recipes (50+ recipes)
  • Further, HomeGym Members join the DanielPT LIVE sessions free of charge. DanielPT LIVE are Zoom classes where we will be training live together with each other.
  • And of course, you will reach me as your trainer anytime whenever you have a question to your workout, progress or anything else.

As all workouts are follow along home workouts, we will be using minimal equipment that is suitable for you to workout from home.

To follow all the workout videos as instructed, you will need the following workout equipment:

  • Kettlebell
  • A pair of dumbbells
  • Mini Resistance Band
  • Long Resistance Band (if possible e.g. light and medium)

The kettlebell and dumbbells exercises might be interchangeable, so if you do not have a kettlebell, you can also perform the exercises with your dumbbells and vice versa.

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No, the HomeGym includes weekly recipes to help you make food choices that help you to fuel you around your training. All recipes serve as meal inspirations but are not intended to serve as a meal plan neither an advice of what exactly or how much to eat as this comes down to personal needs.

The weekly recipes healthy, macro-friendly and quick to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner options. All recipes are gluten-free and meat options can be replaced with vegetarian/vegan protein sources.

Please do not take the recipes as a meal plan but as recipe inspirations to fuel and nourish your body with a healthy and balanced diet.

Yes, there is a 7 day free trial included. Once you sign up, you get to try the workout plan for 7 days. If you are not happy with what you get, you can simply toggle of your subscription renewal and you will not get charged any subscription fee.

The HomeGym program includes new follow along videos every week. You have the option to scale your trainings from 3 to 6 days a week. I include a weekly example schedule for 4 training days as well as for 6 training days. I like to highlight that you will get/need to adjust the trainings according to what fits your individual schedule.

When being part of the HomeGym you can join the Live classes for free. HomeGym members will receive an email from me to sign in before the classes.

For technical related questions regarding your log in, credit card update, cancelations and others, please click here.

Pricing & Plan

25€per month (excl. VAT)
  • 5 Training Days
  • 30-60 min // Scalable Options
  • Weightlifting, HIIT, Challenges
  • Access To Over 150+ Workouts
  • On Demand Workout Videos
  • Unlimited Workout & Recipe Library Access
  • 1:1 Personal Trainer Contact
  • No Contract
  • Cancel Anytime

HomeGym as a gift?

Yes. It’s easy to gift a subscription. Click this link.