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My Personal Training

Personalized Training Services for Weight Loss,
Strength Building, and Optimal Health

Elevate your fitness at home with my online personal training services. In our sessions, I offer real-time guidance on performance, form, and weight selection to help you achieve your health goals. Experience the convenience of personalized fitness from the comfort of your own space or while traveling for work

Support your physical performance through a sustainable approach to nutrition that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Enhance your energy, expand your knowledge around nutrition and achieve lasting results with my nutrition coaching and the tools provided.

Discover my approach to fitness in person with my personal training services, available in Hamburg and Groningen. As a certified trainer who trains clients worldwide, I’m committed to helping you achieve your health goals through tailored workout plans and individualized support in Hamburg and Groningen. Let’s talk and take a step towards a healthier lifestyle today.

Discover my weekly training program “HomeGym”. Access three new on-demand HIIT and strength workouts weekly, designed to enhance your performance and strength at home. My program offers convenient, effective training from the comfort of your home that help you get rid of the need to commute or doubt being on the right track to achieve your goals. Start your free trial today and join the team.

Over the years, I’ve worked one-on-one with clients and conducted workout classes worldwide. Here are some key numbers that highlight my experience.

clients trained globally – achieve your goals, no matter the distance!
languages, offering Personal Training in English, German or Dutch.
years of experience in the field.
strong on Youtube, hit subscribe and join the crew!


Join my training program to get in shape from home.

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