Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

As a Certified Personal Trainer who works with clients from all over the world,
I understand your unique environment and design suitable training strategies.

Hi, I’m Daniel!

I’m a personal trainer & lifestyle coach dedicated to improve people’s health. With a background in sports health management (B.Sc.) and as a Certified Personal Trainer, I get the world of training and what it takes to design a holistic fitness and health concept.

Being the strongest, yet fittest version of yourself without sacrificing social gatherings or following a strict diet plan.

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Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach


Passing on my enthusiasm and knowledge is not only my job but also my greatest passion.

Summer. Sometime in my teen ages. With no gym subscription neither any equipment at hand, I started to train. When I received a first set of dumbbells from my uncle as a gift, I started to double down on my training and discovered my passion for sports, especially, strength training.

Going forward I successfully completed my studies in sports health management, got my license as a Personal Trainer as well as tutored students at the University. Today, passing on my enthusiasm and knowledge, to encourage people to live a balanced lifestyle is not only my job but also my greatest passion.


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I’m a Certified Personal Trainer who trains people worldwide. I listen, advise and coach to support clients achieving their goals. Understanding my client’s individual environment, I make sure to adapt my approach and design innovative exercise routines for meaningful results. Now, I find joy in encouraging and motivating people by providing a well-equipped supportive space through online coaching and personal training as well as my personal workout platform – because no one should struggle to improve its health.

Really, truly



I provide a well-equipped supportive space to achieve sustainable results.


As a Certified Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach, I’m academically well qualified and highly practical experienced to unleash your very best performance.

Training Strategy90%
Coaching & Development80%
Innovative Exercise Design80%

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