it’s Daniel
from DanielPT Fitness

Serious about your performance and progress?

  • You want to bring your fitness to the next level
    – but your approach is holding you back?
  • You’ve been struggling to find a strategy
    that brings you closer to your goal?
  • You are a total newbie who wants to get started with training?
  • You are struggling with your nutrition?
  • You are struggling to be consistent and commit to your health?

You want to work with realistic methods and personalized coaching support that bring back the basics of training and nutrition without any fancy detox tea needed?

Sounds like you? I am here to help you!

With my experience and knowledge around training and coaching, I understand your struggles and the daily balance-acts between e.g. social gatherings, work and showing up for yourself.

I’m here to show you that prioritizing your health and fitness can be effective, time efficient and much fun at home or in the gym.

Each month I take on a limited number of people into my coaching programs – online or personal. My coaching programs are customized to meet you where you are right now and help you to achieve meaningful results.

DanielPT’s HomeGym

Nutrition Coaching

Personal Training Hamburg

Remote Coaching

Glute Torture 1.0

Personal Training

A holistic personal training concept that covers the basics of strength technique and nutrition to get you experience the transformation you are looking for – available

  • 1:1 in Hamburg
  • Online (Worldwide)

Let’s connect to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

Join me and get exclusive access to my personal home workout sessions, healthy recipes and weekly challenge to improve your fitness, health and overall well-being each week as you progress at home.

DanielPT’s HomeGym is not the average fitness plan. Follow effective, transformative workout videos that encourage you to unleash your best performance.

Tortured by DanielPT Fitness

  • Warm Up (5-10 min)
  • Main Workout (30-60 min)
    Weekly variating between HIIT, strength, skill and mobility
  • Stretching (5-10 min)
  • 2 Heavy Dumbbells
  • 2 Light Dumbbells
  • 1 Medium/Heavy Kettlebell
  • 3 Light till Heavy Long Resistance Bands